Millet Baikal 1100 Regular Sleeping Bag



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Short Description
  • Comfortable mummy shape
  • Synthetic fill and polyamide shell for insulation from cold and wet
  • Double side zip and inside anti-cold flap, Inside pocket
  • Hood with drawcord
  • Left or right hand zip, combinable
Brand Name
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Sport Type
This three-season synthetic-fill sleeping bag, designed for hiking and trekking, manages wet conditions really well. "Under canvas, you often have to deal with condensation," explains Antoine, product manager. "Moisture can come from the body, but it can also be very wet outside, when it snows or rains. There's ground moisture, too. Synthetic fill ensures a good reaction to all these types of moisture." Other advantages of synthetic fill? Affordability and ease of care: "You can machine-wash a synthetic-fill bag and store it compressed." Available in six models tailored to you and your activities, the Baikal range lets you choose according to the comfort temperatures that suit you.



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