Millet Dreamer Composite 1000 Long Sleeping Bag



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Short Description
  • Comfortable mummy shape
  • Composite build: synthetic/down fill combining ground-wet protection and top-section thermal performance
  • Tough, water-repellent shell, Soft-touch lining
  • Side zip with anti-cold flap, Pocket on flap
  • Preformed hood with drawcord, Shoulder collar
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Hand Orientation
Sport Type
Designed for harsh weather conditions on adventure terrain, the Dreamer Composite 1000 - here in its longer version - is an accomplished manager of cold and wet. The composite build combines the benefits of down and synthetic fill. It intelligently deals with ground contact, thanks to its synthetic lower section (which gets squashed, in any case), while the down-filled top section provides a snug quilt-like effect. A handy compromise between weight and warmth, and a smart investment for taller users. Intended for mountaineering, trekking and hiking, this three-season bag comes in five versions tailored to your specific use.



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