Millet Matrix 30 MBS Backpack - Black



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  • Asymmetric Alpine shape. Single-buckle asymmetric lid
  • Diagonal Ski carry system, Side crampon pocket
  • Removable helmet holder, Quick Axe ice-axe holder, Rope holder, Compression straps, Load adjuster straps
  • Storm collar, Shovel and probe compartment, Hydration pocket, 2 zipped pockets, Belt pocket
  • Sternum strap, Hip belt with buckle
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Strongly geared to the mountains and alpinism, the innovative and original Matrix breaks away from convention - in line with the design brief. The ideal solution for modern ski-touring, the pack shakes things up to cater for a slightly extreme activity that's comes close to climbing/mountaineering. The Mobility Back System, with pivoting belt, shadows the athlete's every move. Whether ascending or descending, you'll chicane deftly between rocks and fir trees with this ski-touring pack. Asymmetric in design, it features the most efficient system for carrying skis, i.e. diagonal. "This modern diagonal carry system stops the skis from banging into your feet," explains Antoine, backpack product manager. "And it's quicker, because you pull them out in a single movement. This system is derived from racing, and observing the best athletes in events like the Pierra Menta and Tour du Ruitor." Full-featured, it has a helmet holder, crampon pocket, rope holder, and safety compartment. "This Matrix truly epitomizes Millet's dedication to ski-touring, and has been specially crafted for carrying comfort. All of its functions are in harmony -they've all been designed for fluid co-operation." The Matrix concept is enhanced here by the Mobility Back System, which merges carrier and pack into one entity. "The position of the swivel belt gives the shoulders high mobility - a huge advantage in ski-touring, which places heavy demands on the upper body."



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