Millet Neo 25+5 Backpack - Black



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  • Skiing body with zip closure and capacity extension collar
  • Rescue Pocket dedicated to shovel and probe
  • Diagonal front ski holder, Snowboard holder, Quick Axe ice-axe holder, Compression straps, Load adjuster straps
  • Hydration pocket, Zipped inside pocket + key ring, Zipped outside stretch pocket, Belt pocket
  • Sternum strap, Hip belt with buckle
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Based on the same design as the Neo 30 ARS, this model without airbag has a distinctive feature: a 5-liter volume extension, which makes it particularly modular. It's a high-spec pack for ski-touring and backcountry exploration, with all options as standard. The accessories on our ski-mountaineering packs have all be transposed to the Neo family. There's an up-to-date diagonal ski holder and a specific compartment for equipment. The Quick Axe holder - handle down, blade up - allows rapid ice-axe deployment as well as increased safety. On this type of highly technical product, selecting materials is a painstaking process. The Neo, for example, is built from three different fabrics. A thick fabric for the highly exposed sections (the bottom, in particular); a lighter fabric in the mid section; and a very lightweight one for the top section. "With this gradient," explains Antoine, backpacks product manager, "we aimed to optimize weight in line with the need for protection, to achieve the greatest possible durability." Yet the Neo's mountain look clearly sets the tone: it will be carried on ascents, so the back system's breathability is another priority.



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