MontBell Super Spiral Burrow Bag #1 Sleeping Bag

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Short Description
  • Thermal Guideline: 14˚F/ -10˚C
  • Exceloft®Â variable diameter, dual fiber synthetic insulation
  • Super Spiral Stretch System
  • Neck Baffle: a shoulder collar minimizes air circulation through the top of the bag
  • Heat saving Tunnel Hood
Brand Name
Montbell has adapted a classic tailor's trick by integrating a woven fabric "cut on the bias". By orienting the fabric's warp and weft threads at 45 degrees to most major seam lines the sleeping bag becomes more fluid or elastic in nature. To create an even more comfortable system we utilize an elastic stitch technique to create small "gathers" in the quilting. By combining strategic seam orientation and the elasticized gathers we offer unrivaled fit and comfort. These innovations allow the sleeping bag to stretch with you as you change positions throughout the night, drawing the insulation closer to your body and eliminating drafty dead spaces. Keep body heat inside your sleeping bag, where it belongs.

Exceloft Insulation
Exceloft insulation uses 8-denier polyester threads as a structure to intertwine with extra thin 0.7-denier threads that add more air pockets and resilience. As a result, Exceloft products rival the warmth and weight of down products. Exceloft excels in wet conditions: because the fibers used in Exceloft retain less than 1% of their weight in water, Exceloft will keep you warm even when wet.



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