Nemo Fillo Pillow



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Short Description
  • Fabric: Washable Polyester Microsuede
  • Width: 10.5" Length: 17"
  • Thickness: 4+"
  • Packed Size: 4" x 6"
  • Weight: 11.1oz
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Dreaming of a little more comfort when you bed down beneath a blanket of stars? How many nights have you used clothes or your pack as a pillow; and of those nights how many were spent in complete comfort. Personal experience would have me betting not many. Well, it's time for a shift toward comfort. The Nemo Fillo Pillow will gently nestle your head in the very fabric of comfort. Using a combination of baffled inflatable cells and one-inch thick memory foam this pillow achieves dreamy cushioning at just the right height. If you are need a little more height and better neck support an innovative and thoughtful grid on the bottom of the Fillo allows you to add clothing to bring it up to your preferred height or use the elastic lines to hold the pillow in place on a car or plane seat on your epic travels. The unbelievably soft cover can be removed and is machine washable. This ideal pairing of memory foam and inflatable cells provides unmatched comfort while packing small enough to fit into the little integrated stuff sack. No matter where you're headed take the Fillo along and bask in the comfort of a good pillow. Sweet dreams my friend.



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