Nemo Puffin Blanket (S2015 Closeout)



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Short Description
  • Width: 60 in
  • Length: 86 in
  • Weight: 2lb, 3 oz
  • Packed Size: 15 x 7 in diameter
Brand Name
Sport Type
Camping & Hiking
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Nemo's new Puffin Blacket is the perfect companion for cuddling up with a book by the campfire, or the fireplace. Of course, nothing spoils a good snuggle like cold toes. So they designed a few buttons into Puffin that let you fold the end into a cozy pocket for your feet. We also puffed-out the while shape to give you more coverage. The appointments are first rate - the lightweight ripstop fabric looks technical but has a great feel. And their Stratofiber insulation packs nicely and has good loft, but will survive if you accidentally spill your hot cocoa thanks to DWR. Between sessions by the first, Puffina folds neatly into a zippered storage bag with breathable mesh.



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