New England Ropes Equinox 10.2mm Dynamic Climbing Rope - 60m Std-Dry - Blue/White

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  • Made in the USA, Equinox is an amazing value from one of the most trusted names in ropes, New England Ropes
  • White nylon used in the sheath is less expensive and more environmentally friendly
  • Same quality and specs as the higher-end Apex line of ropes
  • Specs: 8 UIAA Falls, 66 g/m, impact force 9.8 kN
  • Great all-around rope at 10.2mm
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New England
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Equinox is New England Ropes' price-point value rope. They use white nylon yarn in the cover, which is much less expensive than the fancy colors on other ropes. This rope is made to the same high standards as Apex and performs as well. Equinox is a very durable rope and includes a dry treated core. With its excellent knotability, ease of clipping, and slim 10.2 mm diameter, Equinox is versatile enough for sport climbing or multi-pitch routes. Comes in green/white, and black/white with wine & gray accents. Specs: 8 UIAA Falls, 66 g/m, impact force 9.8 kN



This is my first climbing rope. The only downside about this rope is it is fairly bulky, but for the price and the type of climbing I plan on doing is exactly what I need.

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