Nitro Team Exposure Gullwing Snowboard - Men's



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  • Directional twin all-terrain snowboard
  • Gullwnig is a hybrid camber/rocker providing responsiveness as well as float in powder
  • Powerlite core with reflex core profile
  • Bi-Lite laminates
  • Sintered Speed formula HD base
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Adding the playful, forgiving, and trusted Gullwing Rocker to this already tried and true iconic snowboard can turn any mountain into a personal playground. The Team Gullwing's perfect combination of response and forgiveness allows you to make critical life saving maneuvers out of any tricky situation and progress your bag of tricks to pro level with ease. This year Nitro wanted to showcase the beautiful surroundings that snowboarding us and to do so they collaborated with some of their favorite photographers. The photographers, Rip Zinger, Markus Rohrbacher, Daniel Tengs, Lorenz Holder, and Carlos Blanchard photos that represent their favorite views from their snowboards. So if you are ever out snowboarding on a grey day you can always look down and see the beautiful landscape that your snowboard will soon bring you to. Snowboarding it's a never ending adventure - keep on boarding and keep on exploring!



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