Nordica La Nina Ski Boots - Women's



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Short Description
  • 98mm last hugs your foot like a true performance-fit boot should
  • As compared to men's liners, women-specific liners feature extra padding in the tongues, more insulation throughout and contoured top edges designed to fit women's calves
  • Full Shock Eraser (FSE) liners feature extra padding under the feet, in the tongues and in the cuffs to absorb shock and damp vibrations
  • Four micro-adjustable alloy ServoLock buckles furnish a solid, secure fit, while a solid power strap helps prevent shinbang issues
  • Easy Step-in
Brand Name
A true 98mm lasted boot built to offer uncompromised downhill performance for the hard charging woman looking for a big mountain boot that fits great is high performance and not watered down in any way.



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