Nordica TJS Pro Ski Boots



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Short Description
  • Three-piece PU ether shell with a 130 Park Progressive flex
  • PFP Performance Fit FSE Pro heat-moldable liner with Tech Leather and 3D Velvet lining
  • 45-degree closure instep buckle provides lift-free fit that improves comfort, control, and power
  • Easy Step-in
  • Recommended use: Freestyle, park, freeride
Brand Name
TJ Schiller wanted black camo a tightened up fit with a bomb proof Dobermann style liner as well as a more aggressive forward lean. Nordica built it for him.

The TJS's easy-on three-piece PU ether shell, which is hooked up with a 130 Park Progressive Flex that will become stiffer the more it's flexed, allowing for silky-smooth but supportive butters, take-offs, and landings without shin-bang. A Full Shock Eraser incorporates foam padding underfoot and at the heel, toe, calf, and shin to further cushion hardpack landings, and a PFP Performance Fit FSE Pro liner is heat-moldable so you can dial in your fit and eliminate sloppy, uncomfortable skiing.

To step up the fit another notch, Nordica gave the TJS a 45-degree instep buckle, which, unlike a traditional four-buckle boot that pulls the foot down, draws the heel directly back into the heel pocket, providing a lift-free fit that improves comfort, control, and power transmission. It's easy to walk in, too, thanks to a high-traction rubber sole and a pant clip that keeps you from tripping on your extra-long cuffs.



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