Orion Method Snowboard Pack - Men's CLOSEOUT



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  • Dedicated snowboard pack for a more comfortable and efficient board carry,AVI equipment storage space,Ergonomic form fitting and ridiculously comfortable,Can be used as a sleeping pad!,
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Method is for carrying your snowboard more efficiently and comfortably because that's what it's designed for! Wear this pack once and you begin to feel it molding to your torso like a warm winter blanket. Dedicated AVI equipment storage keeps you in line with side and back country protocols so you can keep safe when shredding out the back door with you buds.

Sizing your Method
Orion Packs are sized according to height. If you are a taller dude above 6'2" than you want to go with the Medium/Large to achieve the best torso fit. If you are under 6'2" than we suggest going with the Small/Medium. Orion Packs will break in and form fit to your torso as you wear it. The stiffness will soften (don't laugh) and your pack will be unlike any other pack in your arsenal.

Quick Tidbit
You can use your Method as a sleeping pad.



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