Petzl Attache 3D Screw-Lock Carabiner

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Short Description
  • 3D frame is 37 % lighter and 15 % thinner. Weight 55g
  • Gru-V locking sleeve offers better grip
  • Fluid gate design reduces the chance for slings or webbing to catch on the gate or locking sleeve
  • Keylock system offers ease of use with webbing and slings. Available in SCREW-LOCK system only (with
  • Strength: Closed - 22 kN; Open - 6 kN; Minor Axis - 7 kN; Gate opening 22mm
Brand Name
Style Name
Part Number
"M38 SL"
The original mini-HMS carabiner has been redesigned to be ultralight. Through a series of scientific calculations the ATTACHE 3D has been reduced to a mere 55 g by removing all unnecessary material while maximizing the strength. The new 3D shape offers the versatility of the original ATTACHE for use in a wide variety of situation while reducing the mass and increasing the gate open strength. The rope bearing surfaces have been optimized to balance fluidity with a minimum of excess weight. Overall the ATTACH 3D combines the versatility of a mini-HMS carabiner in a compact, light frame for fast and light adventures. CE / UIAA certified.



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