Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit (Closeout)

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  • The Mini Traxion can also be used for self-rescue (ascending the rope) and as a progress capture device for hauling someone out of a crevasse. The cam's angled teeth and self-cleaning slot ensure good grip on icy ropes.
  • The Oscillante pulley's side plates rotate, allowing for easy and quick installation on the rope. It can be used to reduce the effort needed for a self-rescue or in the hauling system. Nylon sheave and aluminum side plate for excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Tibloc replaces the prussik or rope clamp in a hauling system or replaces the self-locking knots in a self-rescue. Its angled teeth and self-cleaning slot ensure good grip on icy ropes
  • The OK Screw-lock oval carabiners are perfect for use with the Oscillante and Mini Traxion due to their self-centering symmetric shape
  • The St' Anneau sling is made from a combination of Dyneema and nylon; it is both supple and abrasion resistant. The 120 cm length has multiple uses: foot strap for self-rescue ascending, connection for the MINI TRAXION to the anchor, or part of the re-direct in a hauling system
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"K25 SC3"
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The crevasse rescue kit contains everything needed for setting up a hauling system or a rope ascent in case of a fall into a crevasse. Before putting the gear onto his harness, the user can make sure that he has everything, thanks to the printed visuals on the inside of the storage bag. This kit is essential for glacier travel (on skis or on foot).



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