Petzl Hirundos Climbing Harness

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  • No compression points or friction zones on the waistbelt because there are no crossing seams ,Very flexible leg loop attachment bridges for more comfortable walking and climbing ,Rear loop for haul rope ,Clean design of the FUSEFRAME Technology construction offers excellent weight distribution and minimizes pressure points ,Compact
  • light-weight waistbelt in thin foam
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The HIRUNDOS harness is a high-end model, ideal for sport and alpine climbing. The FUSEFRAME Technology construction produces a slim, clean, lightweight design that offers excellent comfort. This harness is equipped with four equipment loops for optimal equipment organization, and has a DoubleBack HD buckle for quick waistbelt adjustment. The waistbelt and leg loop bias webbing and the100 % Dyneema tie-in point give it improved durability against wear.



Much more comfortable than the previous version.


I've only tried this on but it didn't feel good to me. Made in Malaysia instead of France, leg loop elastic is flimsy and looser than the old model, and there is a weird plastic supporting wedge in the speed-adjust buckle which concerns me - it's like the harness buckle wouldn't work properly without it and I don't like trusting my life to plastic parts. \n\nI do think the gear loops have been improved, the dyneema tie in points are nice, and the wider leg loops are great. But I've used the original orange Hirundos model for years and I honestly think this model is a step backwards over all, and it's more expensive to boot.

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