Petzl Kap Rope Bag

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Short Description
  • Large volume rope bag for carrying a rope of up to 110 meters plus climbing gear
  • Trapezoidal protective tarp is integrated into the bag, providing a clean area of 140 x 140 x 50 cm for the rope
  • Stays upright when the rope is being used
  • Adjustable bandolier with belt for a more stable and comfortable carry when moving around
  • Opens and fastens with adjustable aluminum buckles
Brand Name
Size Name
New for 2014! The Kab rope bag has an integrated trapezoidal tarp that provides a clean, 140 cm long place for the rope, while protecting it from dirt, leaves, gravel, etc. Worn bandolier style, it has great stability thanks to its concealable belt. The pockets and equipment loops inside the bag make it very practical.



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