Petzl Myo RXP 2 Headlamp



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Short Description
  • Lighting modes can be programmed to favor light intensity or battery life
  • depending on the activity
  • Automatically switches to reserve power mode when batteries are almost discharged
  • strobe mode frequency can be programmed (slow
  • fast
  • SOS signal)
  • Shines up to 160 lumens and 96 meters (Boost Mode)
  • water resistant for all-weather use
Part Number
"E87 P2"
Brand Name
The MYO RXP is the first Petzl headlamp that is programmable, allowing the user to choose the order of constant lighting modes and to precisely adapt light output. To do this, there are three lighting modes, for each of which the user can select the power from among ten possible levels, from 8 to 140 lumens. This feature allows the lamp to be programmed for the type of activity and the length of use. Maximum power lighting would be suited for a short night run, for example; less powerful lighting would help preserve battery life and would therefore be ideal for a multi-day trek. This headlamp has Boost mode (160 lumens) and a strobe mode that can be programmed. It is compatible with lithium batteries to optimize performance, even at low temperatures. The Wide Angle lens offers the option of switching instantly from a focused beam to a wide beam when necessary.



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