Petzl Nomic Ice Tool

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Short Description
  • Ergonomic over-molded handle offers multiple grip options. The length of the handle may be adjusted to fit the size of the hand and glove.
  • Specific shape of the shaft and the handle limit the risk of pick shift when switching hands
  • Fully modular head for adapting the ice axe to the activity and context: - equipped with Masselottes pick weights, the NOMIC ensures precise, efficient purchase in the ice; - without the Masselottes pick weights, the NOMIC becomes considerably lighter for dry tooling.
  • Interchangeable Ice pick is tapered at the tip (3 mm) for easy penetration, even in cold ice. Its shape allows stable hooking on both ice and rock.
  • Griptape on the upper handle provides better grip and thermal insulation. Serrated blade under the grippes for better hold coming out of steep sections in hard snow or ice
Part Number
"U21 3"
Brand Name
The Nomic allows the entire rock climbing repertoire to be transferred to ice. Thanks to its adjustable ergonomic handle, it offers multiple grip modes and limits the risk of snagging when switching hands. The Ice pick allows easy penetration in any type of ice, and pulls out easily. The modular head has two removable pick weights to balance the axe and propel it into the ice with an exceptional swing. The Nomic can also be equipped with a hammer when placing pitons.



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