Petzl Pixa 2 Pro Headlamp

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Short Description
  • Headlamp keeps the hands free for work: may be worn on the head with the headband
  • mounted on a helmet
  • or placed on the ground
  • Mounting plate for helmets without headband (included)
  • Features modes adapted for close-range work and movement
  • Constant lighting
  • guaranteed lighting performance that does not diminish during its entire lifetime
  • Reserve lighting when batteries are almost discharged: lights to 10 meters for a minimum of 10 hours
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Versatile and very durable, the PIXA 2 headlamp is the hands-free lighting solution for working comfortably at close range and for moving around safely. Depending on the need, it may be worn on the head, mounted on the helmet, or placed on the ground. It provides constant, stable lighting performance.



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