Petzl Pro Sequoia Harness (S2014 Closeout)

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Petzl Pro Sequoia Harness (S2014 Closeout)

Short Description
  • Weight: Size 1: 1320 g, Size 2: 1370 g
  • Waistbelt: Size 1: 70-100 cm, Size 2: 85-120 cm
  • Leg Loop: Size 1: 50 - 65 cm, Size 2: 60-75 cm
  • Attachment point(s): ventral, lateral
  • Certification(s): CE EN 358, CE EN 813
Brand Name
Petzl Pro
Color Name
Style Name
SEQUOIA for ascents on a doubled rope

The new line of SEQUOIA harnesses has been developed to enhance comfort, improve ergonomics (adjustable size and optimal organization of tools around the waist), and expand the possibilities for accessorization.

The wasitbelt is semi-rigid and extra-wide to ensure excellent positioning. It is also sculpted and lined with perforated foam for improved comfort when suspended. The foam on the leg loops can be adjusted on the strap. This allows perfect positioning for any body shape.

The gated rings allow adjustment of the length of the attachment bridge and installation of accessories, like RING attachment rings or SWIVELs, directly on the attachment bridge. The waistbelt is designed to facilitate carrying and organization of tools. It is equipped with seven preshaped equipment loops with protective sheath and with retainers designed for the CARITOOL tool holder or for a carabiner to hold a chainsaw or handsaw. It can also be used to attach a first aid kit.

Accessories associated with the SEQUOIA line of harnesses allow each user to adapt the equipment to his/her needs.




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