Petzl Pro Strix IR Tactical Headlamp without Headband

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Short Description
  • Manipulating the knobs with the pulse control is simple and noiseless, even while wearing gloves. Each mode can be accessed and to quickly turn off the headlamp. Modes move from most discreet to least discreet
  • The lighting modes and the OFF position can be locked to prevent any unwanted maneuver. The "scan" function allows the user to instantly turn off the headlamp by releasing the knob.
  • Visible and infrared (IR) lighting are controlled by two different knobs in order to prevent any risk of error. Switching to infrared lighting instantly turns off visible lighting and can not be reactivated until IR is deactivated.
  • STRIX headlamps are resistant to falls of 2 m, even at -30° C, to impact and to crushing (80 kg).They are waterproof to -1 m for 30 minutes, and dustproof (IP 67).
  • Weight: 100 g without batteries
Brand Name
Petzl Pro
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