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Remember that time when wild exploration overran every inbuilt notion of time and suddenly you woke from a fevered adventure to find night had slipped up on you. Well throw a Petzl Tikka Headlamp into your pack and give yourself some adventuring wiggle-room. This little guy asserts ease of mind in a sleek, light-weight design. Heck, you won't even remember you're carrying this nifty headlamp until you need it. A wide beam mode gives good proximity lighting for around camp or stashing the last of your gear after the days adventuring is done. When it comes time to hike out of your favorite crags with gloom gathering close, switch to the long range mode for a 50 meter cone of light you can safely follow home. The simple design and knobby buttons makes operation a cinch even in the dark. And remember those times when you had to dig around in the dark looking for your headlamp? Well, no more. A phosphorescent reflector makes keeping track of your light a nonissue even in the darkest night.



This head lamp does it's job. Nothing fancier is required.

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