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  • Constant Lighting technology: brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained.
  • Boost mode for temporary access to maximum power (140 lumen)
  • Several modes and lighting colors adapt to each situation
  • Battery life management allows user to easily anticipate battery replacement
  • Power: 3 AAA batteries
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You'll find the key to lighting even your darkest exploits in the Tikka XP, a headlamp backed by Petzl's 30 years of lighting expertize. New Constant Lighting technology guarantees non-dimming brightness even as the battery drains and burn time management means you'll never be left in the dark. This laddered-lighting automatically steps down to reserve mode then red lighting as the battery gets close to dying, ensuring you have time to finish what you're doing and find new batteries. Multiple lighting modes ensure the right lighting for any activity. Wide angle proximity lighting is great for group activities or close in work, while the long range mode is awesome when you need to reach further out. A mixed mode option of both long range and proximity lighting gives you the lighting needed when starting at o-dark-thirty; and the temporary boost mode lets you take advantage of the lamps full power to, say, locate those sometimes hard to see trail markers. Add a strobe mode for signaling and a red light mode for close-in lighting that safeguards your night vision and you have a lighting package up for anything you can throw at it. So throw something and have an adventure.



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