Petzl ZIPKA 2 Headlamp

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Short Description
  • 25% more compact than the TIKKA 2 headlamp
  • ZIP retractable cord is adjustable
  • Three lighting modes (maximum,economic and strobe)
  • 40 lumens (maximum mode)
  • Shines up to 29 meters (maximum mode)
  • 120 h light duration on economic mode
  • ADAPT system is quick to mount
  • ZIP retractable cord is made of Dyneema for excellent durability
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Ahh snap, now I can see!!!


This is a great compact headlamp. The zip cord is a coated cable and the overall quality is built to last the light itself is plenty bright the angle works well switching the modes take some getting use to but its easy enough. I have this in my edc bag and it takes up very little room and it takes very common aaa batteries is a huge plus


I have dropped them, my wife has tangled her long hair in them, they have cracked and yet, a bit if spit and glue and they keep on ticking! I love the space saving design when I backpack and it also allows me to mount it in various places. Well done, Zipka!


I've got a bunch of headlamps of many designs, and this remains my favorite. The tiny elastic strap is so useful as to make the big straps seem prehistoric. I find it very comfortable and it rarely slips off. Batteries last 100 hours easy on low level, and I like that the low level is just right for reading in the tent or cooking etc. The whole thing is so easy to stick in a pocket as opposed to the bulky straps. The price of 30 is exactly right.All in all, unless you need very very bright light, or a strap that gets really tight for climbing etc, this is the perfect headlamp.

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