Point6 Aloha Extra Light Cushion Mini Crew Socks



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Short Description
  • Reinforcement in wear areas for abrasion resistance and greater durability
  • Ultra smooth seamless toe closure has no lumps or extra fabric to irritate the toes. Tapered toe box anatomically hugs the foot
  • Deep heel pocket creates anatomical fit around heel, prevents slippage and movement around the heel
  • Sport-specific cushioning is designed for each activity. Terry loop cushion retains its resilience and will not pack out like cotton or synthetic fibers
  • Weight: 2 oz
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Material Type
Comfortable, versatile active socks for all your adventures. Extra light cushioning under foot for a performance, comfortable fit. 1.25" mini crew style in a fresh, new design. Temperature regulating Point6 Merino prevents hot spots and blisters.

No matter what you sport you wear these Active socks for, comfort and moisture management are key to performance. Our Active Collection features the temperature-stabilizing technical properties of merino wool combined with our most technical sock features. Under foot cushioning and an arch brace create lasting comfort by alleviating joint and foot pain, while mesh panels in key areas enhance fit and breathability.

With cushioning and technical features galore, these could be your most comfortable and versatile wool socks ever. These are the perfect pair of golf socks, preventing hotspots that can cause painful blisters. point6 compact-spun wool socks offer a natural, superior technical alternative to synthetic or cotton golfing socks, walking socks or fitness socks.



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