Point6 Cycling Ultra Light 3/4 Crew Sock

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Short Description
  • 100% compact spun merino wool next to skin
  • no cushioning for performance fit
  • achilles brace
  • deep heel pocket
  • 59% merino wool, 37% nlyon, 4% spandex
Brand Name
Ultra light cycling sock features no cushioning to ensure an efficient and snug fit, and the 3/4 crew length helps protect against high velocity nicks from road debris.

Point6 uses the highest quality merino wool fibers combined with state of the art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft merino products built for optimal comfort and performance.

Point6 is named for 98.6° F, the body's optimal temperature and stands for the temperature stabilizing properties inherent to Point6 merino wool. Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature to keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold, and creates a cozy environment of efficient insulation even when wet.



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