Power Practical Fast Charge 3-in-1 Cables

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Short Description
  • Micro USB, Mini USB, and Dock Connector
  • Capable of charging multiple divices at once, check your power supply and devices for power requirements
  • Does not transfer data or allow syncing
Brand Name
Power Practical
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The Fast Charge 3-in-1 Cable has Micro USB, Mini USB, and Dock Connector ends. This cable is optimized for charging only, so the data/sync functionality was necessarily removed. If your USB power supply can supply enough power for multiple devices simultaneously, this cable will charge all devices at once. You'll have to look at your device and supply power requirements, or use the Practical Meter (sold separately) to see if both devices are charging at full speed.

The choice of charging cable can have a huge effect on phone charging speeds. There are two types of USB cables, charge only and sync/data. With all the different USB standards, USB charging ports can perform differently with each type of cable. Often times, a charge only cable with charge faster than the sync/data cable (every smartphone ships with a sync/data cable).



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