Powertraveller Gorilla Pad Connector

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  • Converts different input voltage & current into iPad acceptable charging voltage & current,Input: 5V~24V
  • 4A,Output: 5V
  • 2.1A with iPad resistor ID inside USB,Cable Length: 140mm,Weight: 65g
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iPad compatible connector specifically designed to safely and efficiently charge an iPad from your powergorilla, solargorilla, minigorilla or 12V powermonkey extreme portable charger. Fully charges an iPad in 2 hours from a powergorilla.The gorilla-pad connector auto-senses the voltage and reduces the charging parameters to the correct setting. To use with the powergorilla, solargorilla or minigorilla, select 8.4V setting to improve charging effeciency, then connect via the DC output and use your white sync / charge cable to connect to the iPad. For use with the powermonkey extreme, simply connect via the 12V DC output socket and then use your white sync / charge cable to connect to the iPad requiring charge.



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