prAna Cassidy Capri - Women's



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Short Description
  • Peached Micropoly performance knit
  • Self fabric fitted skirt with adjustable sides
  • Hand knotted detail on drawcord
  • Fitted; Mid rise
Brand Name
We all remember�some of us with more horror than others�the classic 90's skirt-short fusion, commonly referred to as a skort. The trendy long tops that are in style today (and all-too-frequently worn without pants) have been dubbed "shirtdresses." We have dresses with leg dividers (rompers), Hilary Clinton's pantsuits, and those jean things adored by hipsters and rednecks alike (overalls). Now prAna is introducing the next clothing merger: the Cassidy Capri, a pant-skirt duo (a skirant? a pirt?). Unlike many of its predecessors, however, this unique article of clothing actually has several features besides creating sideways glances: functionality, comfort, and actual style. Designed specifically for yogis, the soft and flexible fabric provides zero resistance (even in pretzel poses). So rock the pant-skirt on your next trip to the studio!



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