Rainbow Wide Strap Leather Sandal - Kid's

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Short Description
  • Premier Leather
  • Single Layer
  • No Arch
  • Non-Slip Rainbow Bottom
  • Double Stitched Leather Strap
  • 3 Smallest Sizes Have a Back Strap
Brand Name

Rainbow's kids premier leather is on a non-slip Rainbow bottom with a single layer but no arch. Now the kiddo's can be just like everyone else.

Their kids sandals are made with top grade nubuck leather for durability and comfort, they are a single layer but do not have an arch because little feet don't quite need them yet. Rainbow uses a non-slip bottom sole, which is embossed with the Rainbow name.

The leather strap is double stitched with bonded nylon thread using a box X stitching pattern. We use the best so that there is no fraying, and the stitching will not pull out. The toe piece is a 2000lb military spec nylon and is triple glued inside the sole.

They are finished off with the Original Rainbow woven label on the right toe. For the toddlers, the three smallest sizes come with a back strap, if you don't need it just cut it off!




I've been a huge fan of Rainbows for nearly 15 years and wear them nearly every day. They're very durable and once they're broken in they mold to the shape of your foot and are SO comfortable. Even my husband who previously wouldn't wear sandals of any kind wears his Rainbows more than any of his other shoes during summertime. I placed an order for my daughter's first pair and she loves them. She's been wearing them daily since they arrived and just as expected, they've held up perfectly to the abuse she puts her shoes through while she's outside playing all day long. I suspect this will be the one pair of sandals that'll be able to survive the summer of a 4 year old very active little girl. Where most sandals would break within a month of her use I have faith that these will only be retired when she outgrows them.


I've been a huge fan of Rainbows for nearly 15 years and wear them nearly every da

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