Red Chili Nacho Climbing Shoe



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Short Description
  • Full-blooded slipper with perfect fit on heel and toepatch made of one pice with edge rubber
  • Lightweight synthetic material, extreme low expansion characteristics
  • 4.5 mm sole made of Super Friction RX-2 Red Chili Rubber
  • Pointed, razor-thin midsole
  • Low pre-tension
Brand Name
Red Chili
Bouldering is experiencing an unstoppable growth. Thus, climbing slippers have a bright future. When developing the Nacho with Red Chili athletes, they were immediately thrilled by its high level of sensitivity for the rock and its sock-like comfort. The Nacho is a full-blooded slipper and perfects Red Chili's high-end segment of climbing shoes. As expected from a slipper, the Nacho has a very soft and sensitive sole construction. This is achieved by developing a razor-thin, perfectly positioned midsole as well as by reducing pre-tension and developing the toe-patch without any overlaps from the edge rubber. Socks wear out but the Nacho keeps its form. By using a lightweight synthetic material with extreme low expansion characteristics in this model, combined with large patches of elastic material on the upper, guarantees comfortable use of the shoe when putting it on or taking it off.



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