Red Chili Spice Climbing Shoe - Women's



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Short Description
  • Uncompromising high-end women's climbing shoe made with lightweight synthetic material, extreme low expansion characteristics
  • Balanced pre-tension and asymetrical build with newly developed Speed Lacing System
  • Sensitive midsole
  • Perfect fit on heel
  • 4.5 mm sole made of High End Red Chili RX 2 Rubber
Brand Name
Red Chili
Women have been teaching men to be afraid on rock for quite some time now. That they need suitable 'weapons' goes without saying. After the success story of the Spirit Lady, the Red Chili girl power athletes took it to the next level. With the Spice they developed a radical and uncompromising high-end climbing shoe built on a special female last. Spice doesn't just look good, it has what it takes. It's built with a newly developed speed-lacing system, balanced pre-tension and asymetical shape. The midsole is tuned to the climbing style of athletic women.



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