Red Chili Spirit VCR Impact Zone Climbing Shoe



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Short Description
  • Impact Zone heel for comfort and performance.
  • Triple VCR straps for easy and adaptable control.
  • New sharper, lower toe profiling.
  • Twin rear pull on tabs.
  • Super sticky 4.5mm RX2 Red Chili rubber.
Brand Name
Red Chili
For the more technical climber or boulderer, the Spirit Impact Zone VCR has been re-worked - adding to the style, substance and versatility of this best selling shoe.

Subtly improved and enhanced internally, the VCR also gets a stylish external makeover and has a big 'wow' factor in its new format.Technically, it keeps a tight, focused toe and foot hugging fit. And with improved triple VCR strapping as well as a firm midsole it has the power and support for bouldering and a wide variety of routes.

A thoroughbred technical shoe with a strong shelf appeal, the Spirit VCR continues to produce a pedigree performance across such a wide range of climbing styles that it's hard to beat.



Great Product, purchased in too small a size.

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