RIO AgentX Line Cleaning Kit

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  • Micro-abrasive cloth and specifically formulated liquid to keep your fly line working in tip top shape,2 Micro-abrasive cloths,1 oz. Bottle of AgentX Line Dressing,,
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The perfect kit for keeping your fly line in the very best of condition.

The AgentX Fly Line Cleaning Kit comes with a pack of RIO's Wonder Cloth and a bottle of AgentX Line Dressing to keep your fly line working in tip top shape.

The kit comes complete with a 1 oz. bottle of AgentX and two Wonder Cloths. An easy application will keep your line casting further and floating higher much longer than untreated versions.

Woner Cloth
A micro-abrasive cloth that strips out deep-lying dirt without roughing the line.

AgentX Line Dressing
Specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast further, stay clean longer and float higher. RIO's AgentX Fly Line Dressing is the perfect accessory for keeping your fly line in top shape. Lubricants in the dressing keep your line working at peak performance for longer than untreated options. Dressing is easy to apply with a cloth.



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