Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe

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  • Built for maximum toe power
  • Floating closure straps
  • High friction toe patch
  • Precise heel fit
  • Vibram® XS Edge
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Give yourself a boost that will stick to the thinnest edge with the Boostic Climbing Shoe from Scrapa. With an aggressive downturned shape, extremely precise heel fit, and Vibram XS Edge rubber these shoes should be your go-to's for anything past vertical. "Boosticly" boosting a V-Tension system that allows for more comfort in the toebox without sacrificing needed hooking performance and a toe patch sticky enough to make a run at those difficult bicycle moves. The Vibram XS edge was specially created for its bomber edging capability no matter the temperature, while being resist to long term distortion. Slide into these shoes, tighten to your custom fit with the floating hook-and-loop closures, and attack that ugly piece of rock that has been giving you nothing but grief, with new and sticky confidence.



This was such a sweet find at Gear Coop. I tried on this shoe during a demo day at my gym, fantastic! Gear coop was the best buy and they stand behind their orders so I was very confident to make the purchase!\n\nI made the switch and went a full size up from my most beloved La Sportiva Miura VS's, and these fit very similar. Excellent edging. I love them!

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