Shock Doctor Trim Free Insole - Women's



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Short Description
  • Adaptive Arch Technology adapts to any foot shape for perfect fit
  • Biochemical Contoured Design comfortably cradles your foot
  • 3/4 length high rebound foam is 20% greater to withstand harder and longer impact
  • Heel ShockPad absorbs jarring fore-foot shocks that could transfer to your knees, hips and lower back
  • Butterfly Control Bar regulates medial and lateral movement to stabilize and align the foot
Brand Name
Shock Doctor
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If you require higher performance from your insoles, then look no further than the Shock Doctor RE+ TrimFree Insoles. These insoles provide the same benefits as full size insoles, but easier to fit into tighter or narrower shoes. Perfect for both athletic and casual shoes, these insoles provide a more supportive fit, can help reduce shock and improve performance. Great for running, training, hiking or any sport you can think of, these insoles are made to be put to the test.



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