Sierra Designs Elite Rain Chaps



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Short Description
  • Ultralight 2 layer fabric in main leg and 3 layer fabric over the knees for durability and comfort when wearing shorts
  • Binding on upper leg seals chaps around thighs
  • Compatible with and pants or shorts that have pockets or belt loops
  • Knee articulation for freedom of movement
  • Long webbing allows for several height adjustments
Brand Name
Sierra Designs
Material Type
Sport Type
camping & hiking
Chaps are the lightest and simplest way to keep your legs dry, but allow your crotch and seat to breathe, keeping you more comfortable in the rain. No membrane breathes well enough to keep up with the rate at which your body creates heat and sweat during exertion. when rainwear is required, Sierra Designs looks beyond "breathability" and offers unique physical venting for added comfort.



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