Sierra Designs Lightning Ultralight 2-Person Tent



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Short Description
  • 2 Person
  • Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz.
  • Pole Type: DAC NSL
  • Numbers of Doors/Gear Closet: 1/2
  • Awning Height: 36 in.; Awning Overhang: 15 in.; Length: 86 in; Width: Front 56 in., Rear: 4 in.
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Brand Name
Sierra Designs
Freestanding, fully featured shelter with maximum comfort at the minimum weight, the Lightning is the most livable tent in its weight class.

Can be pitched anywhere - no matter how impenetrable the surface

Large Single Drop Door
Single door saves weight, but is uncommonly wide and large enough for two to sit side by side

15" Integrated Awning Poles
Maximizes the door opening and drip line without the weight of a support pole

Hubbed Pole Pitch
Speedy, dry set up

Massive Foot Vent
Creates a venting tunnel between the foot box and the drop door vent for unprecedented ventilation and superior condensation management

Foot Hoop
Full-size foot box

Gear Closet
Gear storage where it should be - away from the door. Whether toggled cloed or left open for additional venting, gear stays dry in a rainstorm. Plus, each occupant gets zip-accessible individual gear storage

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