SMC T Anchor 4 Pack

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  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Natural finish binds to snow more securely than anodized or powder coated finishes
  • Durable aluminum construction
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Good things can come in small packages so don't let the compact size and ultra-lightweight of the T-Anchor surprise you with its holding power and versatility! Manufactured from durable aircraft quality aluminum the diminutive T-Anchor grabs holds like a monster... The precise angle and design of the spine drives the T-Anchor deeper into snow, sand, scree, and soft soil. When used in snow the retaining holes help the anchor freeze into position.

Like our I Pickets and Snow Flukes, the finish of the T-Anchor is ''natural'' for more secure placement than similar products that are powder-coated or anodized as those coatings do not bind as well to snow. Convenient 4 pack is also available.



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