Smith Holt Park Snowboard Helmet



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Short Description
  • Removable Goggle Lock
  • 14 Vents
  • Sizing: + Small 52-56 cm + Medium 56-58 cm + Large 58-60 cm + X-Large 60-62 cm
  • Weight: 15.8 oz / 450 grams
Brand Name
Smith Optics
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Temperature Rating
The Holt Park offers riders all the style, protection, and durability they demand in a minimalist design.

Bombshell Construction
Bombshell construction uses an injection molded ABS shell to withstand high-impacts and offer unparalleled durability, dent, and ding resistance.

Integration AirEvac
Smith's patented goggle ventilation technologies combined with revolutionary AirEvac helmet ventilation technologies keep air moving seamlessly out of the goggle and through the helmet to create a fully integrated system designed to eliminate fog and maximize comfort.
Integration begins with a precise fit: The key to ultimate integration starts with the precise ï¬t of the Smith goggle and helmet. Our helmets are designed to match the curvature of the goggle frame, eliminating "gaper gap" and allowing precise alignment between the helmet AirEvac and the goggle venting systems.
Airevac: Maximum Airflow is Crucial: Goggles fog when standard helmets trap warm, moist air in the goggle chamber. Smith's AirEvac ventilation systems generate maximum airflow and pull warm, fog-causing air out of the goggle. The warm air is allowed to exhaust out of the top of the goggle and begin its path through the helmet's AirEvac system.
Airevac 2: Constant Airflow: AirEvac 2 continues to drive the warm air away from the goggle through external vents and internal channels in the EPS liner. .
Rear Exhaust Ventilation: The warm air that originally built up in the goggle has been forced out via the AirEvac ventilation system, has traveled through the AirEvac 2 EPS vent channels, and is now being exhausted at the furthest distance possible from the goggle.

Airflow Climate Control
Airflow ventilation utilizes strategically placed vents for easy climate control in all conditions. Vent placement maximizes Airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures while minimizing undesired cold air drafts.



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