So iLL Blurr Board - Colors Vary

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Short Description
  • Something a Little More Advanced
  • 2 Rounded Comfy Jugs 1 Giant Sloper 2 Rounded Incut Crimps 2 Slopey Pinches 2 Dishes Small Crimp 2 Comfy Deep Monos 1 Comfy Two Finger Pocket 2 Slopey Crimps with Incut Thumb Catches
  • Hardware Included
  • Ultra Bomber Urethane
  • From the Mind of Luke Cudney
Brand Name
So iLL
Part Number
From our partnership with BLURR, comes this highly specialized and technical board. Use the BLURR board to help make the jump in your climbing ability. Highly featured with an emphasis on hard training. Get some and suffer for it!



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