Sports-Vue 8gb Memory Card

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  • 8GB Micro SD Memory Card, SD Adapter & Case
  • Video Perfect - Memory Cards: Sport-Vue's "Video Perfect" memory cards are the highest quality top performers. The top read/write cards on the market. The cards are specifically designed for huge workloads like recording streaming video. You'll never drop frames or experience choppy or frozen video with Sport-Vue's cards. Sport-Vue's 8 GB card stores a minimum of 2.5 hours of crisp, smooth video from any of Sport-Vue's cameras.
  • The SD adapter (included) allows the micro card to be inserted into it and then is ready to use with any device that is equipped with a standard SD card port.
Brand Name
You want 2-3 hours of crisp, smooth video to impress your friends? Use our 8GB "Video Perfect" memory card!



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