SteriPEN Traveler 3in1 - Blue/Black Accents

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  • Battery Life: Lithium Disposable: 200 treatments (16oz./0.5L), NiMH: 200 treatments; Alkaline & NiCd not recommended.
  • Lamp Life: 3,000 treatments
  • Minimium Bottle Diameter: 20mm (0.8inches)
  • Filter Compatability: Tapered End (PreFilter and Fitsall)
  • Weight: 5.5 oz
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Blue/Black Accents
The SteriPEN Traveler is the most affordable SteriPEN to keep you and your family safe on your next trip out of the country. It is also the most efficient SteriPEN for travel, capable of purifying 200 half-liter servings of water on just one set of AA lithium batteries.

The SteriPEN Traveler is designed to fit perfectly into commercial water bottles, a key benefit when traveling to at-risk countries where even the bottled water quality is unknown. Purify Water in 3 easy steps: 1) Push button to activate, 2) Immerse SteriPEN Traveler n bottle or glass and 3) Agitate or stir. In 48 seconds, you'll disinfect .5L (16 oz.) of water or in 90 seconds 1 L (32 oz.). SteriPEN Traveler is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).



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