Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Fly Fishing Rod - Package

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Short Description
  • All-around rod package includes: rod, line, spool, and 3 flies
  • 6:4 action
  • Case included
  • Length: 12ft / 360cm; 20in / 50.8cm (Closed)
  • Weight: 3.2oz
Brand Name
Tenkara Rod Co.
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This package comes with everything you need to get fishing.

The Teton Rod:

Whether you are just starting to fish, or are a seasoned angler, the Teton is a fantastic all around rod. It is the go to rod for any stream or river. The Teton is 12 feet long with a 6:4 action. Tenkara Rod Co.'s Teton rod is ultra-light weight with a very precise action.''The swivel tips included on our tenkara rods also help keep your line from getting tangled. This rod is finished with a custom colorful design that won't disappoint.

Maybe you have heard of the Tetons? Located in the fertile regions of Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming, the rivers in this area provide some of the best fishing in the US. So they thought it was a good idea to name their favorite rod after their favorite fishing area. Just don't tell your friends how good the fishing is there!

The Line:

Tenkara Rod Co. Lines are hand-crafted with single strand construction, a 3mm nickel alloy tippet ring and their proprietary floatant that will float the line for life. Guaranteed. They are non-tapered, yet turn flies far better than any mono lines on the market. They are available in 10.5' and 13' lengths.

A line spool:

A must have! Great for quickly winding your line when getting to that next great spot is important. These spools are designed for tenkara rods and are just big enough to make winding your line simple and quick. The notches on the spool make it easy to attach flies and the bright foam core helps dry your line if necessary.

Three hand tied flies:

One of each of Tenkara Rod Co.'s favorite flies.



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