The North Face Surge II Charged Daypack



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Short Description
  • Fully integrated battery system allows routing to Joey™ battery from multiple pockets
  • Joey™ battery pack offers up to two-and-a-half full phone-battery charges and several days of partial charges
  • Rugged ater and crush resistant lithium polymer battery pack
  • Volume: 32 Liters (1953 in�)
  • Weight: 3 lbs 3 oz (1445 g)
Brand Name
The North Face
Size Name
The Joey™ battery pack that's fully integrated into our classic Urban Transit styles provides an extra charge for any USB device (phone, MP3 player, tablet, GPS, Bluetooth). You can carry your whole day on your back and stay charged throughout. Great for long days of traveling, taking transit to work or going to places where there are no outlets, such as overnight outdoor trips. The durable water- and crush-resistant lithium polymer battery lasts longer than conventional portable batteries.

The Joey™ battery pack offers up to two-and-a-half full phone battery charges and several days of partial charges. Pass through charging allows you to charge both the Joey™ battery and your device straight from your bag. Smart technology allows Joey™ battery pack to know when to shut down or go into hibernation to protect your device and conserve battery life. The Joey™ battery pack is also removable for use in other bags



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