Totem Basic Climbing Cam Set - 7 pc.

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Short Description
  • Set of 7 cams
  • Four well scaled regular sizes from green to red
  • Three hybrid sizes
  • Double sheathed triggers
  • Color coded for easy rack identification
Brand Name

The Basic Cam uses the traditional internal spring and sheath trigger systems to get a narrow head and a very flexible body.

  • Internal cam springs for narrow head with
  • Sheath trigger for maximum flexibility. Stainless 5/32" 7x19 wire rope for all Basic Cam sizes.
  • 16 degree cam angle, soft lobes with teeth for well trusted holding power. Lobes are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Double sheath on trigger. The outer sheath layer has free rotation motion for improved abrasion resistance
  • NEW trigger wires system. Flexible and strong while maintaining correct independent lobe motion.
  • NEW roudned lobe edges. More consistent rock contact on non parallel cracks and less flash material on lobe edges.
  • Four well scaled regular sizes from green to red and three Hybrid sizes.

Set Includes:

  • Blue-Width: 11.2-17.5mm/0.44-0.69 in
  • Blue/Green-Offset Width: 13.7-17.5mm/0.54-0.69 in
  • Green-Width: 13.6-21.4mm/0.54-0.84 in
  • Green/Yellow-Offset Width: 16.6-21.4mm/0.65-0.84 in
  • Yellow-Width: 16.6-26.1mm/0.65-1.03 in
  • Yellow/Red-Offset Width: 19.9-26.1mm/0.78-1.03 in
  • Red-Width: 19.9-31.6mm/0.78-1.24 in



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