Trango Cinch Belay Device

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  • Lightweight, compact auto-locking belay assist - 182 grams
  • Available in Green, Red and Slate Blue
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The Cinch is the latest in a long line of innovative belay devices introduced by Trango. We designed it with an eye for function, aesthetics and simplicity (it's about as complicated as a door hinge.) so it offers up a secure belay and lower on a wide range of single ropes. On smaller diameter ropes, or when holding falls that generate extremely high loads (In excess of factor 1) the Cinch acts dynamically, reducing shock loads to the belay system. In addition it will release easily and modulate fluidly while you're rappelling or lowering off. The Cinch feeds rope easier than any other device, fits nicely in your hand and weighs 182gm. For use on CE/UIAA dynamic climbing ropes only. Optimum rope size is 9.4 - 11mm. Available in green, red, and slate blue.



Trango Cinch is a great belay device. We use it our rock climbing classes and students really like them.


Feeds really smoothly, but requires a little bit of a learning curve so make sure to watch the videos.

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