UKPro Flex Grip Camera Poles

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  • Dual Pivot & Extension for endless adjustability,Use with 2 cameras (one forward & one backward) to simultaneously film in two directions,Add a light and capture video at night or in the dark,Wing-Nut style knobs for easy camera lock down,Weight: 2.1 LB
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The UKPro Flex Grip is a fully adjustable GoPro camera stabilizer and video arm. Its textured grip is an ergonomic build that feels comfortable in the hand even for long periods of filming. The video arm can be extended and adjusted for an unbelievable selection of different angles for full coverage. There is a mount for a GoPro camera at each end, top and bottom, so you can film from two different angles at once, or you can replace one of the cameras with a Freestyler video light or another accessory.



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