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  • Taste - Vfuel flavors their gel using natural sources. Yes, it may be more expensive (on their end), but they know it's worth it. There are no frills, no synthetic blending of 'flavors,' and no additives to make their gels taste the way they want it.
  • Quality - Of course, Vfuel is going to say that they are using quality ingredients. But they challenge you to see the difference for yourself. They have tested hundreds of different ingredient sources to create VFuel Endurance Gel. They didn't sacrifice quality for cost on any ingredient.
  • Performance - VFuel performs. Period. Athlete tested and customer approved, check out some of the reviews on their Facebook page and testemonials from their athletes. VFuel Endurance Gel will provide you with truly consistent energy levels and help your body to actively recover by providing supplements that will delay onset muscle fatigue and and detoxify your muscles as they are being used.
  • Digestibility - VFuel, like other energy gels, starts with maltodextrin as the primary carbohydrate. But from there, they take a very different path. Most other gels use Fructose, or some sort of rice syrup or evaporated cane juice, all containing Fructose. VFuel uses Dextrose as its secondary carb, a more expensive (on VFuel's end) option, but one that is drastically easier to digest.
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Every pack of Vfuel contains 1275mg of their Vi Endurance Formula, giving you the proper nutrition you need to train day after day, mile after mile, year after year.



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