Vibram FiveFingers Bikila EVO - Men's



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Short Description
  • Upper Material: Polyester Mesh
  • Max Sole Thickness: 8.5mm (2.5 Rubber/4-EVA/2-insole)
  • Insole: 2mm EVA
  • Machine Wash Cold/Air Dry
  • Weight Size 43: 5.07 oz
Brand Name
Vibram FiveFingers
Closure Type
Material Type
Polyester Mesh
Shoe Width
Sport Type
Medium distance running in a minimalist shoe can be challenging for new minimalist users. It takes time for your foot to adjust to an increasingly thinner level of sole. The Bikila EVO is a fully redesigned shoe built for those looking for a shoe that provides the benefits of going barefoot and that has slightly more cushion to offer more comfort on a medium distance road run. The sole is still thin, and provides a bit more underfoot to ensure confidence while making the switch.



These are my primary road shoes.\n\nI historically had issues with blisters between my toes. I used to wear toe socks in regular shoes, and while that alleviated the original blister issues, it caused my toes to be wider overall, causing rubbing on the outsides of my big and pinky toes.\n\nThe FiveFingers alleviate both issues, but do take some getting used to (due to their no drop design). These shoes are NOT good for rocky terrain, but will in a pinch work for trail running (step lightly over rocks and scree).\n\nI love how light their are and their form fitting nature (although obviously fit is super important).


Excellent minimalist running shoes. A little thicker than SeeYa, but still provide good enough ground feel. Should also last longer than SeeYa.\nThis is for people who are already with proper running form only, not for those just starting to transit to minimalist running.


Product seems to be great. I use them for trail running. I hope that they wear well. So far, fit and appearance are great.

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